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Create Ads That Work
How Do You Know If Your Advertising Is Working?
Stop Guessing and Become a Relentless Ad Tracker

During this Free 4 Minute Sample from

How You Can Create Advertising That Really Works

  • You'll hear tracking ideas that everyone can use.  
  • You'll learn why tracking your advertising will eliminate the waste.
  • You'll learn how tracking your advertising will give you important customer feedback.
  • You'll learn why you should track the ads from your competition.

It Takes Only 99 Minutes to Learn How You Can Make Your Advertising More Profitable

The purpose of our How You Can Create Advertising That Really Works audio seminar is to help you create moneymaking advertising for your small business with a learning technique that fits easily into your busy work schedule.  

With this audio seminar, advertising veteran Bill Grady has streamlined the basic and necessary information about marketing and advertising so you can make better ads, headlines, plans, and decisions in less time.  Many people prefer audio learning compared to hours of reading and researching on their own because they get more information faster and learn where and when it's convenient for them.

The people who attend Bill Grady's in-person seminar come from small locally owned retail stores, restaurants, or service businesses, and many are professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and attorneys.  Most want to know where to start and others just want to find out if they are on the right track with what they are presently doing. 

You may share these common concerns about your advertising too.  So much of the time it's the little things that make all the difference like the right approach, the right headline, or the right plan.  Bill Grady will guide you down the right path with this audio seminar and it will save you money because you'll learn how to avoid the wasteful mistakes that many small business owners suffer through as they try to figure out what works on their own.

Right here and now is Bill Grady's 35+ years of experience and proven methods.  We're confident you too can apply these methods successfully in your small business just like thousands of others have already done.

Four Reasons Why You'll Be Happy You Found This Seminar for Your Small Business

1)  You'll learn how to write better headlines, hooks, and advertising messages that get you results 

2)  You'll immediately start to save money by eliminating the waste in your advertising 

3)  You'll find out how to track the effectiveness of your advertising and stop the guess work

4)  You'll do this all in less time saving you hours, days, even weeks researching this on your own

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